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Music Publishing

Music Publishing

Music publishing on an international basis for songwriters, performing artistes, DJs, MCs etc, can be handled in house by Digimix Records' associated music publishing company's Scamp Music, Panama Music Library and other associated catalogues of the Organisation Music Organisation


The Digimix Music Organisation is an independent music publishing company /records companycomprising of various music publishing catalogues working on an international basis with production library music / commercial music publishing interests and film, TV and audio-visual music comprising: Panama Music Limited, Panama Music Library, Melody First Music Library, Eventide Music Library, Audio Visual Media Music Library, Caribbean Music Library (GB), Musik' Image Music Library (GB), PSI Music Library (GB), ADN Creation Music Library (GB), Promo Sonor International (SARL) (GB), Piano Bar Music Library (GB), Corelia Music Library (GB), Cringe Music Library, Heraldic Production Music Library, First Time Music (Publishing) UK, Scamp Music,, Songwriters Showcase, Digimix Music Publishing, Key 23 Music, Cringe Music, Fave Music

As a strong pro active independent music publishing company, we work with songwriters, composers and performing songwriter / artistes internationally. We are members of the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS), London, England, and The Performing Right Society (PRS) London England and register all of our songwriters and composers copyrights as assigned to us with both MCPS and PRS. Our record label, Digimix Records, is also a registered member of The Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL), London, England.

As music publishers we collect and distribute music publishing royalties on behalf of our songwriters writers and composers and protect our writers interests. If you've had any of your songs or instrumentals released in any format i.e single, albums, compilation albums, videos, DVDs, film, computer games or if you have had your songs or music broadcast on radio and/or television anywhere in the world and you need representation for publishing then please contact us, as we can collect your royalties/money for you if you haven't been paid. So, If you are unsure if there are any music publishing royalties / money owed / due to you, then do not hesitate to contact us to discuss, because here at Digimix, we have extensive research facilities for songwriters and artists who are unable to collect their royalties. Our research facilities provide provide us with information on copyrights, publishing, license requests, and releases. If you have been unable to collect royalties, or obtain the proper licensing of your product, please e-mail us at panamus@aol.com quoting (Digimix royalty research) and we will be happy to discuss your requirements

As music publishers working on an international basis, we can audit, back claim and collect UK and foreign royalties relating to releases on record labels for up to 6 years from the date of release and forever thereafter and for any radio and/or television broadcasts that may have taken place we can go back for the last three years from the date of your enquiry to us and then collect your royalties/money forever thereafter when publishing with us.

We are always keen to be made aware of new up and coming songwriting and performing talent, songwriter, composer, artiste and DJs. We welcome the opportunity to publish and work with songwriters, composers, performing songwriter/artistes, DJs and MCs on an international basis. It may be that you are previously unpublished, or are looking to change from your current publisher, whatever your circumstances are, talking to us may prove beneficial to your current requirements.

We also administer music publishing rights for individuals, businesses, partnerships and companies where they do not wish to have the day to day administrative duties and hassle of all that music publishing entails. If you are operating a music publishing facility / catalogue, no matter how big or small, and wish to be represented through an administration deal then we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

It may be, however that you are looking for a one-off deal to be able to have any radio broadcasts or third party licensing rights collected. So if you know you are owed /due royalties /money and you are not able to collect or track down the source of the royalty income, then please contact us as we are able to help. We publish for many songwriters, composers, performing songwriters - a list of which would be too long to post here. Please visit our music publishing website direct at Panama Music Library or Cringe Music for further information or email us at panamus@aol.com

Demo Submissions: We receive many demos each week for music publishing deals, recording deals and development deals. We listen to all demos submitted in all styles and have an immediate interest in being made aware of established and new and up and coming talent - songwriters, singer songswriters. bands, DJs, producers, remixers, MCs. Let us have with your submissions all relevant details. Ensure you label everything with your contact details.... If you are a member of The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers please advise when contacting us.

Welsh projects: We are currently working on projects where we would like to hear from Welsh speaking songwriters, singers, groups. If you are able to write songs in all styles in the Welsh language, or can perform / sing in the Welsh language, then please contact us. All style of songs, performances wanted for this specific project.

Established artistes out of contract: If you are an established artiste out of a recording contract or you have been part of an established act or group from the past then we would like to hear from you for projects we are working on.

 Contact / Send all submissions to: Jack Golding Head of A& R, Artiste & Repertoire office.The Digimix Music Organisation. Ebrel House, 2a Penlee Close, Praa Sands, Penzance. Cornwall TR20 9SR, England. UK.

telephone: 01736 762826 (from the UK)
telephone: +44 (0)1736 762826 (from outside of the UK - Email: panamus@aol.com




Could you be the next unsigned band, singer-songwriter or artiste to make it into the UK Top 40 music charts?

Do you want to release, sell and distribute your single/album CD / master recordings internationally digitally online.

We supply music to iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, Sony Connect, MetroTunes, Tesco Downloads, MSN, Virgin Digital, MusicNet, to name but a few of over 100 digital stores we supply around the world.

Digimix Records Limited has set up a one-stop-shop service for those songwriters, bands and artistes wishing to get their single and album releases into Internet online download systems in order to make money from their music on the Internet via online download sales and distribution.

Under new UK chart rules which are now in place, Internet online download tracks from album, single and EP releases are now eligible for the charts-without having to have a physical CD release. The official charts company has now decided to change the chart eligibility rules due to the quantity of music downloads being made via the Internet, even to the point of relaxing the restriction on how many songs a CD single can now contain-previously, you were only allowed three tracks with a maximum playing time of twenty minutes for a single release but now four tracks and a maximum playing time of twenty-five minutes is allowed. CD album releases will continue to be the same as before.

Digimix Records Limited has set up a one-stop-shop service for those songwriters, bands and artistes wishing to get their single and album releases out onto Internet online download systems in order to make money from their music on the Internet via online download sales and distribution.

All details on the Digimix's Internet online record sales and distribution services can be obtained by contacting us, but a basic outline of the services on offer are (1) label deal; (2) allocation of International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs) into the release; (3) bar code allocation for the release; (4) digitisation of the recordings for Internet online sales and distribution recognition; (5) formatting the release for chart eligibility; (6) re-mastering the existing master recordings to a suitable standard and quality for release (only necessary if the master recording is not to a suitable standard); (7) music publishing for the release of the songs within the recording (if required); (8) international distribution; (9) Internet page on Digimix Records Limited's website with MP3 audio clips; (10) links from Digimix Records Limited's website to your own website (if you have one); (11) PR, marketing and promotion advice.

Digimix Records Limited has two distribution service options available:

INTERNET ONLINE DOWNLOAD SALES AND DISTRIBUTION SERVICE: This service is best suited to those singer-songwriters, bands and artistes who have already manufactured their single/album CDs and are seeking international Internet online download sales and distribution. Physical sales of the CDs can also be made via Digimix Records Limited's website.

MANUFACTURE / DIGITISATION AND INTERNET ONLINE DOWNLOAD SALES AND DISTRIBUTION SERVICE: This service is best suited to those singer-songwriters, bands and artistes who have master recordings but have not yet manufactured their CDs but are seeking international digital Internet online download sales and distribution. If CD manufacture is not required for physical sales and only international digital Internet online download sales and distribution is required then this service would meet the needs of singer-songwriter, bands and artistes.

For further information contact please contact us: panamus@aol.com

Digimix Records Limited - A progressive international record and publishing company

Contact us at: panamus@aol.com


Digimix Records Limited. Ebrel House, 2a Penlee Close, Praa Sands, Penzance. Cornwall TR20 9SR, England. UK

Telephone: +44 (0)1736 762826 -email: panamus@aol.com

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