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KEVIN KENDLE - New Age, meditation, healing music for the mind body & soul

Kevin Kendle is an internationally renowned musician who has gained a reputation for producing consistently high quality music. He has long been aware of the therapeutic and healing power of music in influencing moods to create relaxing atmospheres and for use with healing techniques.

His music is used by many practitioners where healing of the mind, body and soul is desired.

Kevin's music is also used in the applications of reiki, pilates, yoga, Feng Shui, aromatherapy, head massage, relaxation, reflexology, hypnotherapy, dieting, hypertension, tantric sex, spirtitual healing, meditation, and stress relief. Kevin Kendle's music, which has a therapeutic, organic, timeless feel, has also been used internationally in television programmes, films and audio-visual broadcast applications worldwide. Kevin Kendle's music transports the listener deep into the heart of their inner being, creating peaceful and tranquil moments. 



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Clouds 2
If you enjoyed the original CLOUDS album, then you'll love this new recording, as it continues the magical transformation of cloud types into gentle and haunting music, with subtle musical references to the original.

The Leaves Of Paradise
Is a unique and beautiful project inspired by the surreal and wonderfully evocative, insightful images of Brazilian artist Joao Santos, brought to life through haunting music specially created by Kevin for each landscape.

Light From Andromeda
Inspired by the awe-inspiring Andromeda Galaxy, also known as M31, this music continues the journey far into deep space, carried along on a vast expanse of ethereal, drifting sound, where atmosphere and texture take the place of melody to enable the mind to truly wander freely.

The Mandarins Garden
Captures the spirit of the Orient
A mystical impression of China

The music on these albums is perfect as an accompaniment to Reike and other alternative therapies, visulisation, or for simply letting the mind wander

Light From The Pleiades - Kevin kendle

The music for the third album LIGHT FROM THE PLEIADES in the highly-acclaimed Deep Skies series by Kevin Kendle continues the journey to the farthest reaches of space. Inspired by the mystical constellation of the Pleiades constellation, an open cluster of stars steeped in lore and mystery, the LIGHT FROM THE PLEIADES album continues the musical journey to the farthest reaches of space.

The seven main stars in the Pleiades cluster are named after the mythological seven daughters of the gods Atlas and Pleione, and these Seven Sisters are often depicted dancing in a joyous, trance-like reverie. This aspect is conveyed in some of the music by a gently rhythmic pulse, whilst retaining the huge, spacious swathes of drifting sound that Deep Skies series has become known for. Below are exclusive MP3 clips of the final mixes of some the music from Light From The Pleiades - click the links to listen to these exquisite, surreal sounds!Kevin Kendle - Light From The Pleiades

1. Dance of Electra (K. Kendle) (Panama Music Library) - Listen
2. Alcyone (K. Kendle) (Panama Music Library) - Listen
3. Maia (K. Kendle) (Panama Music Library) - Listen
4. Merope (K. Kendle) (Panama Music Library) - Listen
5. Taygeta (K. Kendle) (Panama Music Library) - Listen
6. Asterope (Night Sky Music) (K. Kendle) (Panama Music Library) - Listen
7. Celaeno (K. Kendle) (Panama Music Library) - Listen

Kevin Kendle - The Mind Body & Soul - Deep Skies Series
music to transport the listener deep into the heart of their inner being creating peaceful and tranquil moments 

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Release review by: Steve Sheppard Radio Presenter, BBC Radio Solent and Quality Beats Radio

"... There are many joys in life, but musically nothing quite compares when the expectation of a new Kevin Kendle album finally arrives. Kevin Kendle is one of those quality artists that never seems to let you down and therefore you wait with baited breath to sample some more of the musical genius that is without doubt unrivalled.

The expansion of the Deep Skies series is a natural, but a much needed series of albums to uplift the soul on it’s journey through life, rarely does a series of albums give off that quality of passion that shows on every level Kevin Kendle is in touch with his creative soul and ours the listener as well.

Track one may surprise some, but those who know the artist's work well, will remember that the opening to both Light From Orion and Lagoon of Eternity, were either powerful, deep and full of an energy, or all three.

The track Dance Of Electra starts in almost similar style, where with delicate skill he touches us with a brief resonance of his First Light Album, then moving us towards the last Deep Skies feel of “Star Clusters” from the Lagoon of Eternity C.D. then into what has the sense of a Mike Oldfield style piece and thanks to the help of both Nigel Shaw and Brian Abbott, it works brilliantly.

The album continues with the the second track Alcyone. The piece is described by Kevin Kendle as meditational and a journey that as he says characterises the entire Deep Skies series, I found this piece haunting. When Kevin Kendle plays piano it always hits at a deeper resonance; there is something about this track and the piano that really takes the listener further inside their own psyche than they will ever imagine. This track is simply beautiful and extremely mystical. I defy you not to get lost in the hypnotic beauty of Alcyone...

"... Maia from the mythology of the Greeks was the most beautiful of the Seven Sisters. Maia is the third track on the album and at 1 minute 20 you are virtually pulled into a black hole of brilliance by Kevin Kendle's gifted genius on the moog. The choir hits with precision of a perfection rarely seen in music these days, and with a slight touch of Mike Oldfield and a smattering of Tomita the artist deliverers a piece that is best served as timeless.

The seamless way Kevin Kendle takes us through the album is a trade mark of the Deep Skies series, and Merope the fourth track starts with a familiarity that reminds me of latter tracks on his Light From Orion album. It is as if your star ship has now left warp and arrived in a region of space unknown to man; it has a sinister, but expectant quality about it. The sheer celestial power of this piece will transfix the meditative attention of the listener, allowing them to harness the very evident power and deep nature of this track. Merope is full of energy and majesty.

The fifth track Taygeta, the mother of Lacedaemon by Zeus, is the next port of call on our journey through the Pleiades. The start has a real Nigel Shaw feel to it, reminding me of his Shamanka days and has that trance like quality. Again he is on this track, one of five he features on, but his influence seems to be prominent here. Again the synthesizers, Kevin Kendle's weapons of mastery, move us through a piece that would be perfect for any science fiction film. Taygeta is a lighter track, but it’s more of a subtle change of gear that we are receiving here.

Kevin Kendle calls track six “Night Sky Music” - the actual piece is also entitled Asterope. This reminds me deeply of those years as a child laying on my back on seamlessly endless summer Kevin Kendle made piece that you can now take to your favourite place and relax in the ambience to the perfect musical compliment to drift off to a layered and blissful slice of musical night sky watching. It is rightly so the longest piece on the album, I once again defy you not to get lost in the sheer magnificence of this charming track.

The final track, Celaeno known to many as the “Lost Pleiad” because it is difficult to see the star with the naked eye and hence has received the tag just given, is our last track. The journey now begins to come to an end and our own personal star ship is reaching the final destination. For musical purposes our destination is Celaeno. For this track, Kevin Kendle is solo and great thanks must be paid to Nigel Shaw and Brian Abbot for their brilliant help and musical genius on this celestial journey. I was always told in life to try and leave the best to last and leave your audience wanting more. Kevin Kendle does just that and the reprise wraps up this amazing package for another album; this was the track that left each and every hair on my body fully standing to attention and that takes some doing - simply outstanding and my personal favourite. In summary, Kevin Kendle has once again delivered to his audience a product of total quality.

This is an album that I would without reservation recommend, an album of majesty, an album of beauty, and it shows that one thing will never change - if you see a CD or an Internet download with the name Kevin Kendle on it, you can be completely certain that within the confines of the plastic casing or Internet download will be around sixty minutes of music that will show total dedication and love that a musician has for his art.

Light From The Pleiades an outstanding album, from Kevin Kendle, an outstanding musician and artiste


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