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Jel (John Langton) who has a publishing deal with Scamp Music part of the Panama music Group of Companies for some of his tracks has worked with Digimix Records with a release on the Pure Hardcore album mixed by AudioJunkie & DJ Stylus.

JEL Biography

JEL is a songwriter/hardcore dance producer/DJ , currently operating 2 record labels, Hyperbeatz and JEL Records

JEL Records being his Solo Label, showcasing his Hardcore and funky house talents working with various co-writes and collaborations on inspirational new tracks, and Hyper Beatz Records, an established Hardcore label with label partner Fastraxx

JEL has been dj'ing for over 10 years and producing for 6-7 years, mainly writing hardcore with influences from producers Gammer, Scott Brown, Dougal, Sy & Unknown..etc..

JEL is now raising the bar, producing some influential hardcore/club/house tracks whilst incorporating his own defined hardcore touch and feel.

JEL has featured in various magazine reviews such as Mixmag, M8 etc., with co writer Fastraxx on the Hyper Beatz Label:

JEL remix work for Scott Brown on his track Commence which was released on Scott's new label EVOLVED, early in 2006, and also featured on Scott's Album, mid '06 - 10 years Of Hardcore X2

JEL has been very busy djing out across the country with Fastraxx, exploiting new tracks

Events played

Hardcore Heaven, Dizstruxshon, Uprising, Vibealite, FutureVibe, Rezisdance, Redemption, Revolution, Quake, RetroSpekt, R'house, Twoc, Incision, Pleasuredome, Telepathy, Lockdown, Renegade, Euphonic, Northern Upraw, Tfi, Technophobia, Nuclear Beatz, Unleashed, Northern Lites, Hardrive, Hardcore Overload, Looney Tunez , Rewired, + many local events/clubs


HyperBeatz Records - HB001A - JUPITER
HyperBeatz Records - HB001B - SATURN
HyperBeatz Records - HB002A - THE SLAMMER
HyperBeatz Records - HB002B - LIVING ON HARDCORE
HyperBeatz Records - HB003A - FRESH BEATZ
HyperBeatz Records - HB003B - TIME TO ROCK
HyperBeatz Records - HB004A - LISTEN
HyperBeatz Records - HB005A - RUFF BEATZ
HyperBeatz Records - HB005B - PRAISE THE MUSIC
HyperBeatz Records - HB006A - FRESH BEATZ (remix)
HyperBeatz Records - HB007A - THE SLAMMER (Sy & Unknown remix)
HyperBeatz Records - HB007B - PARTY BUMPIN'
HyperBeatz Records - HB008A - A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN feat: MALAYA (Dj Chaos Mix)
HyperBeatz Records - HB008B - AFTERBURN (Jel & Fastraxx Mix)
Jel Records - Jel001B - IT'S TIME
Jel Records - Jel002A - SWEETHEART
Jel Records - Jel002B - SOUND TRACK
Jel Records - Jel003A - FADING AWAY
Jel Records - Jel003B - FLOOR BURN
Distinctive Vinyl - DV002B1 - GOT TO GO
Distinctive Vinyl - DV002B2 - HEAD RUSH
Krafty Records- Hardcore Underground 2 CD pack - HUCD 001 - THE SLAMMER (Sy & Unknown remix)
Resist Music: The Worlds Greatest Hardcore - THE SLAMMER (Sy & Unknown remix)
Digimix Records: Pure Hardcore - THE SLAMMER (Sy & Unknown remix)



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- Mixed by AudioJunkie & Stylus
Tunes, mixes & performances by AudioJunkie, Stylus, DJ Chaos, Sy & Unknown,
Flyin' & Sparky, Jel & Fastraxx, Shanelle, Rachael, Malaya, JD & Olivia


AFTERBURN (J. Langton / J. Anderson) (Scamp Music mcps/prs)
Afterburn is an oustanding hardcore tune written, produced and engineered by John Langton & Jason Anderson also known as Jel & fastraxx. The track is released on Hyper Beatz Records 12" vinyl, distributed by IMO Records
Releases on:
Hyper Beatz Records - Catalogue number HB008

THE SLAMMER (J. Langton / J. Anderson) (Scamp Music mcps/prs)
This version of the hardcore tune, The Slammer is a remix by Sy & Unknown, written, produced and engineered by John Langton & Jason Anderson also known as Jel & fastraxx. The track has releases on Hyper Beatz Records 12" vinyl, Resist Music's - The Worlds Greatest Hardcore Triple pack CD and Krafty Records- Hardcore Underground 2 CD pack
Releases on:
Hyper Beatz Records- 12" vinyl club mix
Krafty Records - Hardcore Underground
Resist Music - The Worlds Greatest Hardcore

Digimix Records - Pure Hardcore -Digital Downloads 38 mixed tracks on two albums plus 38 single full length DJ friendly mixes


Contact us at: panamus@aol.com


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