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DJ Chaos: www.myspace.com/djchaosuk

DJ Chaos

DJ Chaos who is the residencies included DJ at the Resonance events at the Tonic Club in Barnsley is an exceptional songwriter/producer/DJ works with Digimix Records and as a songwriter to Scamp Music publishing (part of the Panama Music Group of Companies)

Chaos co-write with Lisa Marie A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN feat: MALAYA
which is released and available on Hyperbeatz Records 12" Vinyl available from IMO Records

DJ Chaos PERFECTION is released on Nukleuz Records and available on CD from all record shops and Digital downloads.

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Release format: Digital downloads from internet stores worldwide
Mixed by AudioJunkie & Stylus

Tunes, mixes & performances by AudioJunkie, Stylus, DJ Chaos, Sy & Unknown,
Flyin' & Sparky, Jel & Fastraxx, Shanelle, Rachael, Malaya, JD & Olivia

Photographic model Lynsey Charles - Photographer: Stardawn Ltd

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(E. Critten / L. Keegan)) (Scamp Music mcps/prs)
A Little Piece of Heaven is an oustanding hardcore vocal tune written by Edward Critten aka DJ Chaos and Lisa keegan aka Lisa Marie produced and engineered by DJ Chaos featuring the outstanding vocal talents of MALAYA. The track is released on Hyper Beatz Records 12" vinyl, distributed by IMO Records
Releases on:
Hyper Beatz Records - Catalogue number HB008 12" vinyl club Mix.
Digimix Records - Pure Hardcore -Digital Downloads 38 mixed tracks on two albums plus 38 single full length DJ friendly mixes

DJ Chaos feat: Shanelle
(E. Critten / S. Biscomb) (Scamp Music mcps/prs) from the co-writing production team of DJ Chaos and Shanelle. This a massive hardcore track engineered by DJ Chaos and featuring the dynamic vocal talents of Shanelle.
Releases on:

Nukleuz Records - Hardcore Nation - The Next Generation
Digimix Records - Pure Hardcore -Digital Downloads 38 mixed tracks on two albums plus 38 single full length DJ friendly mixes

DJ Chaos
(E. Critten) (Scamp Music mcps/prs) from the production studio of DJ Chaos a great floor filler
Releases on:

Digimix Records - Pure Hardcore -Digital Downloads 38 mixed tracks on two albums plus 38 single full length DJ friendly mixes
HappyHardcore - Hardcore Addiction - Mixed by Darwin & DJ Silver

Pure Hardcore: Mixed by AudioJunkie & Stylus

Disc 1

01. Body Rock - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat: JD
02. Listen To My Heart - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat: Shanelle
03. Shake Ya Body - Stylus feat: Olivia
04. Teknique - AudioJunkie & Stylus
05. Perfection - DJ Chaos feat Shanelle
06. The Awakening - AudioJunkie & Stylus
07. Rock The Place - AudioJunkie & Stylus
08. Drop Zone - AudioJunkie & Stylus
09. Uncontrollable - DJ Chaos
10. The Slammer - Jel & Fastraxx (Sy & Unknown remix)
11. Infectious - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat: Rachael
12. Close Your Eyes - AudioJunkie feat Shanelle
13. Shock Wave - AudioJunkie & Stylus
14. Don't Stop Now - AudioJunkie & Stylus
15. Mindwarp - AudioJunkie & Stylus
16. Feel Like Rushin' - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat Rachael
17. Attack The Track - AudioJunkie & Stylus
18. Dirt Style
- AudioJunkie & Stylus
19. I'll Be There For You - DJ Chaos feat: Malaya
20. UK Ravers - AudioJunkie & Stylus

Pure Hardcore: Mixed by AudioJunkie & Stylus
Disc 2

01. Disfunktion - AudioJunkie & Stylus
02. Move Closer - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat: Rachael
03. Raverlution - AudioJunkie & Stylus
04. In This Happiness - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat: Rachael
05. Jigsaw - AudioJunkie & Stylus
06. Solace - AudioJunkie & Stylus
07. Temptation - AudioJunkie & Stylus
08. Cuttin', Scratchin', Mixin' - DJ Chaos
09. Shake It - AudioJunkie & Stylus
10. A Little Piece of Heaven - DJ Chaos feat: Malaya
11. From A Star feat: Rachael
12. Pure - AudioJunkie & Stylus
13. Shine Down - AudioJunkie & Stylus
14. Bass Invaders - AudioJunkie & Stylus
15. Don't Stop Now - AudioJunkie & Stylus (Flyin' & Sparky remix)
This Is A Rave - AudioJunkie & Stylus
17. Here It Is - DJ Chaos
18. Move Forward - AudioJunkie & Stylus


Listen to the Chaos track PERFECTION on this Nukleuz release. This a massive hardcore track written by Chaos, engineered by DJ Chaos

Mixed by
CD1 – Joey Riot & DJ Kurt, Al Storm, Al Twisted & DJ JFX
CD2 – Darwin, Fracus & JAKAZiD

iTunes Release Date: 25th February 2008 (TBC)
CD & Digital Release Date: 17th March 2008 (TBC)

Young guns sparring with all the pomp of prospective world champions! These guys are driving to be the biggest, the best and the hardest of the hardcore DJs in the UK. They maybe the next generation but in terms of skills they’re actually hot hot hot. If you’ve been to a hardcore party recently you may well have seen one of these guys or at least heard one of their slamming tunes. They’ll claim they’re part of the underground but in reality they are hardcore to the core. This is the lifeblood of where the music and the scene in the UK is! The fast and the furious! Tunes, rhymes, drop downs and hands in the air euphoria and massive anthems.

Nukleuz Records has called upon the hottest DJs and producers of the hardcore scene right now, Joey Riot, DJ Kurt, Al Storm, Al Twisted & DJ JFX, Darwin, Fracus and JAKAZiD, to compile and mix this jam packed, double CD, resulting in 36 of the freshest hardcore tunes currently tearing up dancefloors nationwide.

Following on from the phenomenal success of the previous 4 Hardcore Nation albums (Hardcore Nation 1,2,3 and Hardcore Nation: Classics), this latest addition to the series digs deeper into the underground that showcases the biggest, loudest, fastest sounds of the future of Hardcore. As well as showcasing their DJ skills on Hardcore Nation: Next Generation, these talented DJs and producers also treat our ears to their own exciting new productions, most of which are exclusive this album.

Pure passion has gone into this album…each DJ has carefully selected each tune, “Pick a favorite track”… Al Twisted. “That’s a tough one as they are all belters. I would have to say Kurt’s UK Gabber track “Straight from the Underground”, its pretty damn awesome”

Fracus… “Cube::Hard - Smoke Signals - Because I like Tom's originality and refusal to conform to the norm when it comes to arrangement particularly.”

JAKAZiD… “Favorite track…Darwin and Chwhynny's track "Nothing There". I was certain it had to go on the album, and as you'll find out it's one of the longest tracks on the CD - that's because none of us could bear to cut it! It crosses a range of styles, it has unusual vocals, and honestly... I haven't craved a breakdown in a track this much in a long time. Darwin's going to be fierce competition to the hardcore heavyweights in '08 I reckon”

With anthems such as Organ Donors ‘Blackout’ (DeejayBee & Diverse Remix), DJ Kurt ‘World Domination’, JAKAZiD ‘Give Love A Chance’, Cube: Hard ‘Smoke Signals, and Al Storm ‘Drive Me Crazy’, Joey Riot & Cat Knight ‘Holdin On’, Fracus & Mozz feat Vicky Fee –‘Hold On to Me’, Darwin & Toni Leo ‘Come on Out and many more, this is a must have for any true Hardcore fan. Featuring the cream of underground production talent including Heaven 7, Impact, Orbit1, Marc Smith, Chaos "PERFECTION", SMS, InEffect, Andy L, Kelly C, Vicky Fee, Nu Foundation, A.M.S. and many more. All this plus artwork from the highly talented MC Obie!

Hardcore Nation - Next Generation will be mixed by Joey Riot & DJ Kurt, Al Storm, Al Twisted & DJ JFX (CD1) and Darwin, Fracus & JAKAZiD (CD2) with the release dates being 25th February 2008 for iTunes and CD & other digital release dates: 17th March 2008.

- Joey Riot & DJ Kurt
01: DJ Kurt - "World Domination" (Exclusive Mix)
02: DJ Kurt - "Electron"
03: DJ Kurt - "Don't Hold Ya Breath" (Lethal Vocal Mix)
04: Joey Riot - "Holdin On"
05: Joey Riot & Cat Knight - "Only You"
06: Joey Riot feat. Kelly C - "The Power Within"- Al Storm
07: Heaven 7 vs Al Storm - "You're The Feelin'" (Exclusive HN Mix)
08: Al Storm - "Clappin' Your Hands"
09: Al Storm feat. Ali - "Swept Away"
10: Impact & Orbit1 feat. Lisa A - "I Still Believe"
11: Alistair Storm - "World Of Darkness"
12: Al Storm - "Drive Me Crazy"- Al Twisted & JFX
13: Ruboy vs Tampo & K-Rlos - "La Niña Mechanica"
14: Organ Donors - "Blackout" (DeejayBee & Diverse Remix)
15: Al Twisted & DJ JFX feat. Vicky Fee - "Turn It Up"
16: Al Twisted & DJ JFX - "Underground Supply"
17: DJ Kurt - "Straight From The Underground"
18: Al Twisted & Rob Da Rhythm - "Beat On The Drumz" (2008 Reconfiguration)

CD 2
- Fracus, Darwin & Jakazid B2B2B:
01: Fracus & Donna - "See If I Care"
02: Marc Smith - "Can You Feel It" (Exclusive Hardcore Nation Edit)

03: Chaos "PERFECTION"
04: Cube::Hard - "Smoke Signals"
05: Deeper Territory - "Calm Me Down"
06: SMS - "Another Night" (Breakz Edit)
07: Fracus & Orbit 1 feat. Lisa A - "In Your Arms" (Orbit1 2008 Remix)
08: Phenex feat. Le Kat - "So Naive"
09: Darwin, In Effect & Buzzy feat. Fraz - "Don't Say Goodbye"
10: Cynix feat. Kelly C - "Hold on Tight" (Reese Remix)
11: JAKAZiD - "Give Love A Chance"
12: Brain Blessed feat. Kelly Southall - "Epiphany" (Ponder Remix)
13: Shanty, Tazz & Devastate - "DDR" (A.M.S. Remix)
14: Chwhynny & Darwin - "Nothing There"
15: Nu Foundation - "Want Your Love"
16: JAKAZiD feat. Andy L - "Mystify Me"
17: Fracus & Mozz feat. Vicky Fee - "Hold on To Me" (Fracus Remix)
18: Darwin & Toni Leo - "Come on Out"


Hardcore Addiction now on release through Happyhardcore - 24 tracks mixed by Darwin & DJ Silver

Contains DJ Chaos track - Uncontrolable (2008 Remix)
Listen to the Chaos track UNCONTROLABLE (UNCONTROLABLE (2008 REMIX)

CD available direct from Happyhardcore - www.happyhardcore.com





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